Custom made cinema furniture.

A piece of furniture for a special space: an exclusive homecinema. The piece has a split personality, just like the space; from room to cinema. Noticeable characteristics are the long lines and the finish with metallic paint that gives the piece a futuristic look. And on the other hand it seems to have an eastern touch, because of the copper-like effect of the paint.

interior design tactile


The piece of furniture is tailor-made for the cinema equipment that it houses. In addition, the measurements had to match the sockets in the wall. With sixty centimeters in depth for the electronic goodies, and longer than two meters it is not small, you could fit a person. The work futures a false wall where all cables are stored behind, and a hidden leg creates the illusion that the work hovers off the ground.


During no other project I gained so much new woodworking and planning skills. Multitasking and anticipation is key, it is just like chess, to make progress as efficient as possible. There was a lot of drying time: the glued corners consist entirely of 48 ribbed-sawn panels. The same number of panels went into the garbage bin because of the high quality demand. I wanted to lift the finish to a new level. By continuously iterating during the test phase and by taking on new challenges, I created a sustainable workflow, that was used to build the eventual piece.

Structured phases

I knew that if I wanted to deliver a quality product, I had to work with a good workflow. It started by looking for a suitable material to build the corners from. Cutting sheets with a laser cutter went too slowly, just like CNC milling arches from boards. Eventually I discovered bendable MDF board that have grooves, but this too was too rough for the corner radius. Finally, I build a saw template to saw 4mm MDF sheets and create these sawn-in MDF boards.


When there was a good workflow to assemble all parts, I made a lot of drawings. By drawing a lot and by thinking ahead there where almost no surprises during the build.

Like night & day

The finish gives a glamorous effect while light shines on it, but is toned down in the dark. Exactly what you want: no distraction when your are watching a movie. Although the lines are straight and the corners are exact, there are traces of handwork. Looking closely, you will see the surfaces are not mechanically smooth, that is what gives it character.

A souvenir

This is the test piece to tryout an assemble and glue up technique. It is probably one of the ugliest things that I ever made, but for me it’s like a trophy because I learned so much from the test.