KLM Open

Photo reportage of The Dutch's greenkeepers during the KLM Open tournament.

In 2016 and 2017 the golf tournament the ‘Dutch Open’ was hosted by golf club The Dutch. This makes it one of the oldest golf tournaments in Europe. With more than 50,000 visitors in four days it is a huge event. I had the opportunity to capture what none of those people have seen.

Photo reportage commissioned by The Dutch golfcourse. Eight tournament days during the 97th and 98th edition of KLM Open.



When you do not see them, they have done their job well: greenkeepers. As usual, the permanent team gets help from greenkeepers who volunteer during a tournament such as the KLM Open. During the event, more than 10 nationalities of volunteers joined. The reportage documents of all the hard work in the early mornings.


The challenge this project proposed was mainly that it is big. At 5 o’clock in the morning 50 men disappear in the golfcourse in just a few minutes. (left a picture of the evening shift). My task: capture all volunteers while performing their duties. Because the work starts at such an early hour so early, it is still dark outside. The surface of the terrain and the light circumstances require a lot of preparation and planning beforehand.

The Dutch

The course is build according to the highest European standards and is therefore the leader in terms of quality, durability and play-ability in the Netherlands. With a golf cart I made my way around the course and searching for greenkeepers that where constantly on the move.

Just a second

Greenkeepers do their work with precision that requires attention. During some activities it is difficult not to disturb them while capturing the moment. When that moment is over, they are already on their way to the next spot on their list. So there is little time to choose a good position and composition. From this I learned to choose intuitively and to go for it.

Turn around

Shooting during early-morning proved to ba a challenge, due to how low and bright morning light was, the impact of changing camera position was big. Technical camera knowledge was key before your subject has disappeared out of frame.

KLM Open 2016