Future Rising

A unique spatial experience during an audio-visual live performance.

For the past three years, Future Rising has touched down in 14 cities across the globe, creating unique experiences and creations that empower and celebrate the very best new talent in music and design from around the world. In each location, an emerging musician and local visual artist are invited to co-create a special, one-off audio-visual performance. The artists are asked to create an urgent and vital response to the city’s people, culture and underground scenes.

During my internship at Random Studio I worked on project Future Rising with concept visualization, installation testing, vj-visual performance, capture of the life performance.

ambiance spatial design VJ performance


3D design

Renders were made to show the effect of the illuminating installation in different positions and shapes within the space.


A sketch was made to communicate the look and feel of the experience to the customer.

Render & Photo


Besides the opportunity to VJ, I also captured the mood of the evening with a set of photos.