Presenting the real-life games of Games-XL on the web.

Games-XL makes games inspired by Duck Hunt and Space Invaders into real-life XL games. Every year a new game is reviled at the Lowlands festival. The installations are also available for bookings at other events. I was asked to create a portfolio for Games-XL that showcases all the games.

As Studio Felt I was asked to create an identity that fits the character of Games-XL, design and develop the website 2018

identity design web design web development


The design of Games-XL has an easy approachable character, with fun elements that refer to games scattered throughout the design. Striking imagery of the games do the talking on the homepage and the detail pages.


Because the website will be used by event managers to book games, it is essential that the website is easy to oversee and information is accessible. Because of this, the website uses a well-known grid overview and lots of videos to show off the games in action. With WordPress as the content management system, a custom theme was developed to realize the design.