GMV Online Identity

A new online identity for the Dutch machine builders in the food processing industry.

Dutch machine builders are world market leaders in the agri & food sector. Worldwide, beverage and food manufacturers invest around € 36 billion annually in new machines and process lines to clean, prepare, preserve and package food. As the number 3 exporter of machines for the global food industry, the Netherlands is an important player. 8600 employees work for the cooperation members of GMV, which identifies valuable opportunities for their members.

Studio Felt has been asked to create a new identity and communication strategy for GMV. With higher engagement and increased publicity of the association as focus, I focused on all parts of the digital design process and delivered: brand strategy, online identity, communication strategy, web design, custom WordPress template development and illustrations.

As Studio Felt, I was asked to re-brand GMV, the association for the Dutch machine builders in the food processing industry, and to develop their online presence. 2018

brand strategy identity design web development


To successfully communicate to the current members of the association and also to the future generations the design of the identity is a mix of corporate and playful modern.


The website functions as a news-hub and features the members of the association. WordPress was chosen for the content management system, with a custom-developed template for the client. A live test server provided an opportunity for feedback and testing. Studio Felt managed the transfer of all content, the archive of news posts and member data, from the old site to the new platform. Optimizing the site speed generated a page speed score of 99% on GTmetrics.


After getting to know the association, I organised a branding session. During this session, we collaboratively re-evaluated the existing GMV brand attributes. The brand position was determent from this session which formed a base to create three style scapes. The style scapes are visual concepts for the identity, explorations to give a sense of direction for the look and feel.

Concept A is based on the keyword informed. It uses a lot of black and white and some gray tones with small accents of the GMV blue color. The layout shows many columns and rows that have a minimalist design.

Concept B is based on the keywords powerful and creative. The visual whole is colorful, consisting of the GMV blue color and accented colors of the labels, these accent colors return in various places, but not in abundance. The fonts alternate between serif and sans-serif, elegant yet business-like.

Concept C is based on the keywords visible and energetic. The accent colors in this concept are abundant, including the GMV blue color. Panels of color form a large part of the background in this layout. The fonts are alternated between Lato and Merriweather bold, a sturdy and somewhat more subdued font, as a counterbalance to the colors to give the whole a more serious tone.

Style guide

The identity design was delivered to the client with a style guide for future reference, including good practices for the use of the logo, icons and type.


Whilst news and blog-style content are the main focus, the website also has a flat structure consisting of pages representing the sector, the association and their members. Call to actions throughout the design ensures a flowing interaction.


Illustrations are a good a way to humanize all the talk about new technologies and finance while also making it feel like what GMV is about. That is why we also incorporated some old fashioned Dutch windmills, cheese and tulips! While keeping control over the art direction, Daan Snels from Studio Snels made this beautiful set of illustrations that was used for decorating stands among other things.