A spatial design that creates an immersive experience based on emotion by means of various scents, light and sound.

What if a space could sense how you feel, and respond to that? An emotional space that can function as an extension of yourself, providing comfort or energy when you need it. The installation LUCI is a tactile installation that tracks your mood and influences your atmosphere. The spatial design creates an immersive and personalized experience by means of various scents, light and sound. The installation transforms the space which it hangs in to one that matches the mental state of the user. The experience will nudge the user to start their evening routine on time according to their preferences, trying to help the user to go to bed in time and get high quality sleep.

My graduation project during Communication and Multimedia Design. The ’emotional spaces’ thesis is available for download here.

emotional space installation multisensory stimulation


Departing from the fascination how space can be personalized, I focused on the question how the sleep experience can be made more attractive by means of multisensory stimulation.

Target group research

By using the design method ‘value proposition design’, data from the survey was used. The online survey posted the question: how does the current evening routine of the user look like and what do they value? The survey revealed information about the target group: they want to improve behavior because they find health important and recognize the benefits from good sleep. Friction between goals and reality became clear: respondents reported to be busy with study and work or are distracted by digital media in the evening. These insight were used to form a customer profile.

User journey

With the insights of the user research, I made a user journey from the evening to the morning routine. The map includes pains that user currently have and gains of an ideal situation.

After individually studying various stimuli, I visualised the concept of a sensorial user experience in a timeline.

Personal coach storyboard

These sensory stimulations are accompanied a personal coach, called Luci. She will guide people with a busy life through their evening session of wind-down, relaxation and reflection upon their feelings, provoking them to be more mindful about their emotions. The system and personal coach encourage a learning process through self-monitoring.

Data Profile

The installation includes a prototype for a mood tracker app that collects emotional and bodily data of the user. This personal data is stored in a database and used by an algorithm for the playback of the experience. This data profile determines the scent blend, hue and saturation of light and the sound.

Physical installation

3D concept models

Cinema 4D was used to render 3D concept models to test out shapes and illumination techniques.

Technical drawing

CAD/CAM software Fusion 360 was used to design a hi-fidelity model of the installation, which was used to build the lo-fidelity wooden prototype.

For more in depth information the ’emotional spaces’ thesis is available to view here.