An physical interaction about the impact of bullying, made of glass that breaks.

87 percent of teens have witnessed some form of cyberbullying during adolescence. By putting the visitor a different perspective we want to raise awareness of the consequences of cyberbullying. A group of students designed an interactive installation that was selected to expose at the Playgrounds Festival in Breda. With a small team of students from different academic backgrounds we professionalized this concept.

With a group of students from Mechanical Engineering and Communication & Multimedia Design, I professionalized and developed an interactive installation about the impact of bullying, ordered by the Academy for Communication and User experience.

installation interactive user experience


Cyberbullying is bullying over the internet, because of this the result is never really directly seen. Meanwhile these actions can lead to serious problems for the victims. The installation Unaware will illustrate that a small action can have a big influence with literally a destroying impact: over time as more and more users interact with the installation, a sheet of glass slowly gets destroyed by falling projectiles.


Starting with the existing concept, we explored what could be improved upon in the way of form, interaction, construction and software. A lot of creative ideas and technical concepts had to be ‘translated’ between the design students and mechanical engineering students. I helped with visualizing these ideas between the two groups with sketches.

Interaction Design

After deciding on a user flow, a storyboard was sketched to illustrate and explore the way of interacting with the installation. A phone provided a digital interface that emulates a common socialmedia app. Actions taken by the user ends up braking the glass with a hard impact.

Physical design

Beside the interaction we did not limit ourselves to the originally designed shape, we explored new shapes that would reflect the concept of the installation .

Modular construction

Using materials like glass and metal, requires precision manufacturing. We have gone through multiple explorations and iterations of designing a modular object. In addition, we had to keep the construction mobile enough to transport it, and only a couple of people had to be able to assemble the installation.

Testing Material

We did a lot of testing to make sure the installation works as expected. The design process diffed quite a lot because of destroying material during the interaction with the user, taking in account debris and user safety.